March 2013

EyeCon photo coverage for the CW69tv, Atlanta

April 2013

They Might be Giants - Photos and review for Target Audience Magazine

May 2013

Atlanta Jazz Fest - Photos and review for Target Audience Magazine

August 2013

DragonCon - Photos and review for Target Audience Magazine

Benji-Rama's Defined Style

"Benji-Rama is more than a service - it's an experience of defined multimedia style."

-glenn robelen

The Visual

The encompassment of a couple's elegance in a new partnership, the fun-loving spirit of a special event, the formality of a commercial product presentation, and the proficiency to express each. This is the definition of a true photographer and videographer. This is what Glenn does.

The Brand

Do you need a focus and style for a product, service, event, or even a wedding? Many times a brand is equated to a profitable endeavor, but sometimes it is simply a perspective for presentation. Written words alone are often not enough to provide the essence of what is being put forth, but with imaging, purpose becomes reality, and is applicable to life.

The Promotion

How will your audience become aware of what you have to share? It's through the know-how of reaching and informing the people you want to experience what you've got to share. Sometimes it's through a website design, maybe it's through graphic logo design, and at times, it is through still images. In every case, appropriate presentation with thoughtful distribution channels are fundamental promotional methods, and are the skillful elements to make the effort worthwhile.

The Package

Bringing all of the components together, and achieving a strategy, are the base functions of the package. Business know-how alongside aesthetics and vision, are what determine the effectiveness of the package. Let Benji-Rama, with Glenn's ten years of experience, provide this expertise for you.